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7 Reminders When Creating A Brand Name

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Choosing a name is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Pipilotti Rist

Names have powers. When you name something – you are giving it a brand, an identity, an existence. Today, we share with you 7 reminders when creating a brand name.

Hence, we all agree that choosing the name of your brand is a worthy exercise. One should not just pick a name willy-nilly. Take the time, sleep on it and choose one that transcends.

In naming, some of the things to keep in mind are the following:

1. Choices

Start with a list of choices. If it helps to streamline your list – categorize them into themes. When we started working out our business name, my co-founder geared towards nature, mythology, and places. Give yourself a ballpark list of name collections to choose from – then narrow it down to at least 3 main options that you can choose from.

Naming is just one step – marketing is another.

2. Existence

Once you have your main options – check whether those choices exist already. A simple google search or a domain check can solve this. If the name exists and you are quite attached to it – find a way to put a spin on it. Add a number, modify the spelling a bit, or add another word. Still, there are a million words out there. Hence, we strongly advise that your business name should be unique. After all, naming is just one step – marketing is another. It would be better to grow a completely unique brand name, than something that piggybacks or is a copycat of another more known brand.

3. Time

Sleep on it for several days. Say it out loud. Share it to close family and friends and get their thoughts. It is a big decision. A brand name represents you, your thoughts, and your business, in the real world. You will be promoting your brand name day-in-day-out and presenting it to potential clients.

Unless you have a good reason to do a name change down the line, it is better to ensure that you choose a business name that you can stick with. Changing one’s name somehow can be a step back and entails a lot of resources. When we did a business name change from Meteora to Izles.Co - we took a long time to weigh the pros and cons that come with the name change. So, give yourself enough time to ensure that this is the one.

A brand name represents you, your thoughts, your story, and your business..

4. Relatability

How can your name relate to your services, products, and your audience? Does your brand name tell a story good enough to promote your offerings? Is it interesting enough to make your targeted audience take a pause? Could it possibly invite a deeper discussion on your offerings? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

For example, when Steve Jobs chose “Apple”, one of the main reasons is he liked apples and that would it get them ahead of Atari in the phonebook. From a marketing point of view, the apple has always been a coveted fruit from the beginning of time. Creating a brand name that is synonymous with something being coveted is truly relatable to Apple's products now. People line up during their product launches, it can’t get any more covetous or “apple” than that.

Does your brand name tell a story good enough to promote your offerings?

5. Permanence

It’s good to look up trends and get inspired. However, ask yourself if your brand is designed for a season or for all time. One can easily fall for the trending meme for the month and base your brand name on it. However, most of the memes fade and your brand name is still there. Hence, it is always better to decide on something timeless instead of trendy.

6. Foreign Language

This applies mostly to those who have an international audience. Check the meaning of your name in another language. What you don’t want is a direct translation that is against your brand, or might mean something offensive when translated. If you have a plan to gear in a specific crowd/language – take some notes. For example, in Arabic letters, the letter “p” does not exist and is automatically changed to the letter “b”. When Pullman Hotels launched in the Middle East - although they kept Pullman in English and yet written as bulman in Arabic since the market requires English/Arabic in all communication. These are small yet crucial details that need to be looked into.

7. Length

Unless you are aiming for the world’s longest brand name created there is, we advise choosing something shorter. Snappier. Something easier to remember. In this digital age, your brand is fighting not only to be visible but mainly to be remembered. No one will take the effort to remember a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-length of a brand name.

No time to go through these arduous tasks? Let us handle it. Naming is one of the most arduous yet fun experiences for your business. Whether for your new restaurant, a spa, or a new business you are planning to open, our team can create a business name that is relatable to you and your audience.

Get in touch with us here.

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