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The Ananas Spark | A Pineapple Story

“When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a pineapple. How to better your life 101.”

Davin Turney

Inspired by pineapples with the original color palette of the Izles Consulting brand – we are excited to unveil our new logo.

Why Pineapple?

On design – a pineapple’s aesthetic presentation screams pure individuality. Pineapples have a distinct and unique look that are easily recognizable. A representation of Izles Consulting’s capability in terms of design. We understand the importance of designing creatives that is purely distinct and individual.

On vision – a pineapple’s spikes are sometimes referred to as “eyes”. Eyes that look ahead connect to understanding one’s vision and knowing which direction to move forward.

On background– a pineapple symbolizes hospitality, friendship, and warmth. A nod to the founders’ background in the hospitality industry.

On branding – a pineapple is known in most languages as ananas and yet in English and the rest of the world, it is known as pineapple. Something completely different. Highlighting that good branding can differentiate you from the rest.

It is also a symbol of good luck. A direct connection to our tagline – “Let Your Vision Thrive”. Yes, we understand the gravity of hard work, but we also recognize that we all need a little bit of luck. Pineapple juice is now our #FelixFelicis.

As an all-female founding firm, pineapple is also a symbol of feminism. #GirlPower at its best.

As a marketing firm, we are an idea factory. Nothing ignites the brain more than snacking on something sweet. Healthier than chocolates, we opt for the juicy goodness of pineapples.

Have you been to a pineapple farm during harvest time? The aroma of pineapple juice fills the air. It is so intoxicating that it engulfs all your senses. What marketing should be.

Your story, design, concept, event, and creatives should be so enticing to your captured audience. Once they are exposed to it, they should pine for it. They should want a piece of it. Just like a pineapple.

In the interest of creative freedom, we moved the pineapple crown to the middle of the Izles "I". Because we believe crowns are great to be perched on one's head but better if held close to our chests. Just how we keep our strategies, ideas and visions close to our hearts.

Retaining the original colors of turquoise and golden yellow with the visual identity of a pineapple, here’s our new Izles Consulting logo.

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April Rose
April Rose

Love love the pineapple origins

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